About Us

Vermont GPI legislation was signed into law in May of 2012 and directed the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics of the University of Vermont to:

  1. Build the database to produce annual GPI estimates;
  2. Work with Vermont's Secretary of Administration to institute a Data Advisory Group representing the broad public, private, and civil society interests included in GPI;
  3. Develop and test the use of GPI in state public policy and budget analysis; and
  4. Review and propose additional factors to enhance the standard GPI.

The VT-GPI team at the Gund Institute is led by Professor Jon Erickson and Dr. Eric Zencey, and includes a group of Gund research assistants currently including Matt Burke, Sam Carlson, Mairi-Jane Fox, and Zach Zimmerman. The development of VT-GPI has benefited from a series of graduate-level courses at the Gund Institute, a national network of GPI practioners, and dozens of individuals at Vermont state agencies and non-governmental organizations. Current data collection and analysis is overseen by a Data Advisory Group appointed by the Vermont Secretary of Administration.

Data Advisory Group

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